New Info Shared on The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4; Difference with Uncharted’s MP Discussed

on May 9, 2014 6:27 PM

As part of an AMA focusing on the multiplayer features of The Last of Us Lead Multiplayer Designer Erin Daly and Game Designer Quentin Cobb answered a few questions about the upcoming Remastered Edition of the game, that will be released on PS4 this summer.

We learn that players’s progress from PS3 won’t carry on to the PS4 version, but accounts that played on the old generation version will receive a supply bonus, in addition to that, since the PS4 version will have all the maps, they will all be included both in the Parties Allowed and in the No Parties playlists.

Whatever your platform of choice is, Naughty Dog plans to support both the PS3 and PS4 versions as long as the community will play them.

An interesting comparison was also made between the working on the multiplayer in Uncharted and in The Last of Us.

It was extremely different – Uncharted is a very fast-paced MP game with lots of twitchy gameplay, which is great in its own right, but for TLOU our challenge was to capture the tone and gameplay from SP. This meant a huge focus on slowing the pace of the game down (we even added limited sprint, which was not in SP), and on making stealth a viable play style through map design, mechanics like silenced weapons, the smoke bomb/shiv, and survival skills like covert training.

As a final added bonus, don’t hold much hope for a Crash Bandicoot playable character, as Activision owns the IP, and Cobb denied the possibility. Yes. It was asked. I’m not joking.

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