New Information and Screenshots About Anarchy Reigns Revealed

New Information and Screenshots About Anarchy Reigns Revealed

Today Sega released some new information about the upcoming third person brawler Anarchy Reigns (known in Japan as Max Anarchy), developed by Platinum Games and scheduled for release next January on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The single player story mode will actually be split in two, a White Side and a Black Side. In The White Side the player will control Leo, a security officer investigating on a murder case as part of a team of three named “Strike One”. In the Black Side the main character will be Leo, a fugitive suspected for the murder Leo and his team are investigating on.

The two stories will eventually interact with each other to create a single bigger picture.

Sega also detailed four of the characters of the game:

Leo is an officer of the Bureau for Public Safety (BPS) and a member of the team Strike One, led by Nikolai (see below), alongside with a lady named Sasha. He believes in honesty and has a strong sense of justice. He’s an expert of the martial art called Cybrid Art and fights using a sword named Positron Blade, that can be extended freely.

Nikolai is the current commander of team Strike One. He’s an ex sergeant of the special forces and believes in a zero tolerance policy towards criminals to protect peace and order. His cybernetic arms named Blitz Tesla can focus the power of a reactor against his enemies, delivering tremendous lightning attacks.

Baron, nicknamed BB since his real name is Blacker Baron, is a Bounty Hunter, and the old rival of Jack. He’s a boxing champion and is equipped with the Super Sexy Fist of Fire (yes, that’s the name, I didn’t make this up). Thanks to his cybernetic arms he can freely control the power of flames to burn his enemies as he punches them.

Matilda is the partner of Baron. Her identity is unknown, but her body is cybernetically modified, giving her superhuman strength. She fights using a gigantic spiked mace named Iron Maiden.

In addition to this the newly released information also included details on two online multiplayer modes. Battle Royale and Survival.

In Battle Royale up to eight players will fight with no limits against everyone else, counting deaths and respawns in order to determine the winner of each round, while in Survival teams of up to three players will have to fight for survival against several waves of AI controlled enemies. In both modes not only the two protagonists, but also the secondary characters will be selectable.

Sega also released several high resolution screenshots of the game, that you can see in the gallery below.