New Information, Screenshots and Art About Lord of Apocalypse Surface

New Information, Screenshots and Art About Lord of Apocalypse Surface

Square Enix revealed today new information about the upcoming PS Vita (and PSP) Action RPG Lord of Apocalypse, together with a set of new screnshots and art pieces that you can see in the gallery beyond the cut.

The story is based on the same world of the arcade collectible card game Lord of Vermillion, and the PSP Action RPG Lord of Arcana: on one of the countless worlds created by the Arcana stones, Guren, the King brought an era of peace and prosperity after defeating the forces of evil that enslaved the land. But some time after that the land has started losing it’s prosperity, causing many to fall prey of doubt and despair.

The main character, that can be both male and female, doesn’t have a name, and doesn’t remember anything of his past (very convenient, isn’t it?). He or she has an innate ability to feel the energies involved in the creation of a new world, and because of that he seems to be targeted by many that would like to acquire his abilities. 

Two other characters have been introduced:

Ruth is a mysterious man that fights using two tomahawks. Philosophical and wise, he’s also very corageous. Despite his slender body, he prefers fighting stronger and bigger opponents.

Lauralone is a descendant of the royal family and heir to a battleaxe forged with the use of a technology of the past. She’s a chivalroous knight with a sense of justice that often borders on the annoying (I sense strong vibes of Lawful-Stupid here). She’s familiar with the story of the stones, and offers her assistance to protect the main character.

The main character himself can use many different weapons: swords, spears and axes are the examples given. Each weapon has a different attack range, and certain monsters will require the use of the most appropriate weapon types to be defeated more easily. Magic attacks will also be available.