New Information and Screenshots for the Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3DS Remake

on August 14, 2013 3:19 PM

Back in July, a 3DS remake for Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (called Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 in North America), which was part of a spinoff series originally for the Game Boy Color, was announced. A new update reveals more information and screenshots for the game.

The game still follows the journey of sibling protagonists Iru or Ruka (depending on which version you get) who are monster breeders and strive to be the master of monsters. Their father is the Malta King and when they move to the country of Malta themselves, Iru and/or Ruka get swept up in a quest to save their kingdom from disaster. They obtain mysterious keys that opens door to other worlds. Ruka and Iru must explore these new areas and collect and master the monsters within them.

There are plenty of dungeons to explore, and they contain different monsters to collect. The player can have up to four party members, three of them monsters, in battle. You obtain monsters by either breeding them or by scouting them in battle. Special large and rare monsters, called “Super G Size” monsters, will also be encountered on your adventure. There will even be some monsters from Dragon Quest X that will make an appearance in the game and can even become your allies.

The gallery below shows off the brand new 3D graphics, which looks great.

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