New Information and Screenshots of Mobile Suit Gundam UC Revealed

New Information and Screenshots of Mobile Suit Gundam UC Revealed

Namco Bandai released today a large batch of information and screenshots about the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn), that will be released in Japan next spring exclusively for the PS3.

The game will have two main single player modes, named “Unicorn Mode” and “Custom Cast Mode”, that will entail entirely different storytelling mechanics.

The Unicorn Mode will allow the player to relive the original story of the first three Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVAs, with several sequential scenarios that will feature the point of view of different characters and fully voiced anime cutscenes.

The Custom Cast mode will let players fight in original scenarios after selecting a custom cast (yes, that was obvious) made of six pilots, six mobile suits, one captain, one battleship and three crew members.

The choice of characters will not only affect gameplay, but also the dialogue and storytelling during the cutscenes rendered with the game’s engine (as opposed to the anime cutscenes in Unicorn Mode).

In this gameplay mode scenarios will be made of multiple sequential missions and conditions will carry from mission to mission. Depleted ammunition will not be recovered, shot down mobile suits won’t be available for the rest of the scenario and so forth.

If certain conditions are met, the scenario will branch with different effects that will affect future missions.

Namco Bandai already announced that additional DLC will be available after launch, both for purchase and for free, including new characters, weapons and mobile suits.

You can check out the gallery with the new screenshots released today below, while we pray for Namco Bandai to finally see the light and start importing Gundam games in the west beside the Dinasty Warrior Gundam franchise.