New Information on Enemy Designs in Bayonetta 2 Revealed (Part One)

By Allisa James

August 7, 2014

Bayonetta director Yusuke Hashimoto shared some pretty interesting information on Bayonetta 2‘s Angel enemy designs in a new Platinum Games blog post. He went into great detail about the inspiration for each foe — so much so that he’ll be needing a second part to finish delving into the Demon enemies.

First up is the Headless Angel, which was designed “to have a powerful, solemn, sacred look to him, but also kinda be an idiot. The sword with the face on it is his actual body; the rest is just controlled by the sword.”

Next there’s the Magic Angel, which was designed with the concept of a foe that would heal and support its allies.

There’s also the Centaur Angel, the most common enemy in the game. Since it’s a part-human/part-horse, the obvious “human” tells for its attacks and such were left behind but new ones, like the face being on the torso, were implemented instead.

The Iron Ball Angel was designed to convey two aspects: that it’s a powerhouse and that it has an elemental attribute.

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This enemy, the Whip Angel, was designed with an asymmetrical look to make it easy to understand how it attacks. It’s pretty unique since the first Bayonetta had no asymmetrical foes.

Bayonetta 2’s initial location is Noatun, a coastal city full of rivers and lakes, so the the Fish Angel was designed to show how it behaves differently in and out of water.

Finally, we have the Dragon Angel, one of the game’s bosses. Since there was already a Dragon Angel (Fortitudo) in the first title, Hashimoto had to make sure it looked and behaved differently.

This batch of designs are pretty incredible and it’ll be interesting to see what the Demon side of things looks like in the next update.

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