New Information on Nightfall and Raids for Destiny

By Fabian Ortiz

August 1, 2014

Everyone has an opinion on Destiny. Some people are in love, and others are disappointed by what they’ve seen so far. While there are some who don’t feel like the game has done enough to be called an MMO (like our very own Allisa James), others like myself feel like that classification is justified. The polarizing opinions mainly stem from the information that we have at our disposal, as well as the impressions that we all got from the beta.

Well today we get a look at some new information regarding the Nightfall missions and Raids that could potentially help to really define this title.

One of the first complaints with many players was that the Fire Teams were too small. Well if three people isn’t enough for you to enjoy your experience with your friends, you can try out the Raids which have 6 player team capability. This game type only allows you to play with your friends that you personally invite, because there is no match making feature that pairs you with random players.

You’re going to need those friends and that communication, because these missions aren’t made for you to just run through. Raids are going to be missions where you might find yourself yelling at a friend to review you or stay alive because the next slip up could ruin the entire mission.

These missions are made to be extremely difficult, and without proper teamwork and co-operation, you won’t be able to reach the end according to Bungie. These missions won’t be short experiences either, as according to Bungie:

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you’re going to want to buckle up and get comfortable for a couple hours

Moving onward, there is also a feature in the game called “Nightfall”. Nightfall missions are activities that pop up in varying time frames that give you rare and unique rewards that scale with your level.

According to Bungie:

Nightfall activities come in two flavors: daily and weekly. They have extremely exotic rewards.

These are geared towards players who have reached closer into the level cap, and will still be a challenge regardless of how much you’ve leveled up your stats and skills. The weekly Nightfall’s will be especially challenging, because those enemies will apparently be much harder to defeat due to tons of different modifiers that make it harder for you to get the objective done, even with friends.

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