New Information, Screenshots and Artwork of God Eater 2 Released

New Information, Screenshots and Artwork of God Eater 2 Released

Namco Bandai released today several screenshots and artwork pieces relative to the upcoming PSP game God Eater 2, together with new information.

First of all two new characters have been introduced: Julius Visconti and his bodyguard, Ciel Alencon. Both are members of the same “Blood” Special Forces squad as the main character. Julius is actually the commander, despite being only 20 years old.

In addition to this, more information has been shared about the weapons of the game. In the sequel of  God Eater there won’t be just one type of sword, but three: Short Swords (that are not really short by any logical standard, but this is God Eater, after all), Long Swords and Buster Swords.


The game will include a story-driven campaign, but will also have separate independent missions named “Very Hard Group Missions”. Those missions, primarily geared for multiplayer gameplay and offering rare rewards, are indicated as even more difficult than the Challenge Missions in the first game.

They will also feature different NPCs as guest stars from the first God Eater, Alyssa (pictured above) is one of them. Those returning NPCs won’t appear in the main storyline, but will be exclusive of the Very Hard Group Missions.

You can check out the screenshots and artwork in the gallery below: