New Information, Trailer and Screenshots for Harvest Moon: Connecting New Lands

New Information, Trailer and Screenshots for Harvest Moon: Connecting New Lands

The upcoming Harvest Moon title Harvest Moon: Tsunagaru Shintenchi (which means “connecting new worlds/lands”) gets more information and screenshots, as well as a new trailer. Connecting New Lands will be released on February 27th, 2014 for Japan. A North American release date has not been confirmed as of now.

The trailer shows gameplay features, such as the ability to customize the characters’ appearance, as well as crop growing and other mechanics.

In this game, you can use the Communications function of the 3DS to visit your friends’ farms, which is what the title Connecting New Lands refers to.Up to four players can visit a single farm and help care for animals and crops, chat, and gift souvenirs.

Also crops and dairy products that the player produces can be shipped to locations all over the world through the “Trading Station.” You’ll receive a postcard as thanks when that item reaches its destination. You can buy items this way as well.

The StreetPass function allows players to see others’ animals and total value of their shipments.

In a pretty cool crossover feature, there will be special Super Mario Bros. items that can be grown in your farm, such as Fire Flowers, Mushrooms, and Stars. These items can only grow in unique conditions but can give you a nice advantage in terms of maintaining your farm, so putting in the effort is a good idea.

Finally, Japanese players gets a really cute bonus if they purchase the first wave of the game–an Angora Rabbit oversized strap. No word on whether North America will get the same bonus, but don’t hold your breathe either. Check out the assets below.