New Kane & Lynch 2 Screenshots Showcase Arcade Mode

New Kane & Lynch 2 Screenshots Showcase Arcade Mode


A new game mode has been revealed for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Sequel to the 2007 TPS cult favorite, Kane & Lynch 2 offers new modes of cooperative game play. While intended for online play, this new game mode can also be accessed offline, where players are buffed up for the infinite challenge of the internet.

The Fragile Alliance mode from the first game returns with significant game-play modifications. In addition to the online scoreboard, an offline leader-board allows players to compare scores achieved in the offline mode with there friends.

Another new feature informs players when their score has been bested by a buddy, promoting competitive multi-player in a more superfluous manner. Additionally players will able to purchase weapons in-between rounds. These weapons remain equipped until the player dies, or chooses to remove them to equip something else.

Also, the criminal rank achieved, as well as all weapons and items obtained in Arcade mode are carried over into the online mode. This new offline/online integration should be an excellent idea for other developers to examine, as it allows primarily offline players to compare with strictly online players. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is being published by Eidos and Developed by IO Interactive. It is expected to release August 24, 2010.