New Killer is Dead Screenshots and Info are Sexy and Violent. Reveal Actions and "Gigolo Mode".

April 16, 2013

Curious about the upcoming slash action game by Grasshopper Manufacture coming later this year to a PS3 and Xbox 360 near you? Then you’re in luck, as Kadokawa Games (via the European publisher Deep Silver) released a very sizable batch of information, screenshots and renders for us to enjoy.

First of all, we learn more on how the protagonist Mondo Zappa fights, based on his technique named “Katana Arts” that features the synergy between his Katana “Gekkou” (Moonlight) and his cybernetic arm “Musselback”. While Gekkou absorbs blood from his slain enemies, Musselback utilizes it as a source of energy.

Mondo has a few different actions in his arsenal:

  • Slash is the basic attack that Mondo can use. It can be chained in combos that provide an almost endless source of blood.
  • Guard is the basic defense that blocks short range attacks and gunshots. It won’t work against some attacks performed by the Wires (Mondo’s main enemies).
  • Just Guard happens when blocking an enemy while he flashes red. This will not only negate the attack but also stagger the enemy and leave him defenseless for a short period.
  • Dodge lets Mondo avoid attacks and also increases his own attack power dramatically. By using dodge he can move around quickly and position himself behind enemies. When dodging at the right moment the Dark Matter stored by Mondo will be released in one stroke with a high-speed and devastating attack named “Dodge Burst“.
  • Bullet Shot uses the Musselback to perform instant-kill headshots on weaker enemies.
  • Guard Break is a heavy and quick punch that will…break the guard of an enemy (surprise surprise!)

Our protagonist will have to face both normal enemies named “Wires”, that are defined as lifeless dwellers of the Moon animated by Dark Matter focused in an Energy Core placed where their heart would be (in the gallery at the bottom there are two renders of two basic types named Guard Weak and Big Guard). He will also have to fight plentiful bosses, each of which will have a different weak point.

Mondo isn’t just a ruthless killer. He’s also a gigolo. The game will feature stages defined “Gigolo Mission” that will involve seducing a bunch of ladies named “Mondo Girls” in exotic locations around the world.

Gigolo Missions will start by taking sexy snapshot of the target lady while she’s distracted (no, I’m not joking. Seriously) to fill Mondo’s “Guts Gauge” until the girl is ready to receive a final gift that will complete the seduction game and the mission.

Marvel's Avengers | Holiday Content Trailer

To help with the task Mondo can use his “Gigolo Glasses” that are nothing else than old dear X-Ray glasses. The only difference is that the Gigolo Glasses actually work and will let you catch a glimpse on the target’s curves and on her desires as well.

There are two kinds of Gigolo Glasses, a cute pink one and a manlier set of sunglasses, but the way to obtain them is, for the moment, a secret.

We also get to know something more about the blonde lady that appeared in the trailers of the game. Here’s her profile.

Natalia a.k.a. “The Pheromone”

BWH: 35:24:33
Height: 5′ 7″
Age: 27
Nationality: Brazilian

A Brazilian temptress who knows just how beautiful she is. Men find that being with her offers a glimpse
into their own existence. Though it doesn’t interest her, her connections, both legitimate and otherwise,
provides her with a wealth of information that she uses to control men.

Her desire for material goods stems from her belief in being special, and that she deserves it all. Due to
her personality, she never tied herself to one man, but when she met with Mondo, she was drawn to him.
Natalia herself isn’t even aware of her feelings for Mondo; she still believes she has the advantage.

Want to see more? Here’s a full gallery of new screenshots and renders from the game. Some of them are slightly NSFW, so click at your own risk (who am I kidding? If you followed me this far you most probably don’t mind, do you?)

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