New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer to Arrive Tomorrow

New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer to Arrive Tomorrow

Square Enix seems prepared to release a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at an undetermined time tomorrow.

Even though we just received a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer last week, it seems like we’ll soon be receiving yet another in the near future.

This information comes by way of the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account which teased that a new trailer is set to arrive tomorrow. No other specific details such as time of release or what they trailer could be about were given, so we’ll have to stay on edge until it releases.

It seems like Square Enix goes all-out for Kingdom Hearts III trailers any time there is a large convention looming. Earlier this year at E3, Square released a handful of different trailers for the game over the course of a few days. Now with the Tokyo Game Show slated to kick off later this week on September 20, this will be the second video that has released for KH3 in collaboration with Japan’s biggest gaming convention. If I was a betting man, I’d say this trailer will almost surely be in the style of all the others we’ve seen so far with the same song and minimal sound effects being in play.

We’ll, of course, be posting this new trailer tomorrow whenever it goes live so keep an eye out throughout the day. Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to release early next year on January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One. If you’d like, you can pre-order the game for yourself right now over on Amazon.

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