New Kingdom Hearts Will Be At E3

New Kingdom Hearts Will Be At E3


Like a group of virgin nerds at the Playboy mansion, your pants are now swelling; and I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with the above title, rather than the thought of an actual nude Playboy model, sadly.

Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that a new Kingdom Hearts game will, in fact, be shown at E3 next week. It’s one of the two new titles in Square Enix and Disney’s series of crossover RPGs, Nomura informed US magazine Game Informer.

Playing it “safe,” Nomura steered clear of confirming anything about a Kingdom Hearts sequel, calling the game “two titles other than III.” If your head is spinning because of the excitement, and you’re trying to grasp an answer to the question “Why, oh god, why?” Nomura stated that he wanted to “do something for the North American fans.”

Nomura, however, is also busting his butt currently directing Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and informed Game Informer that development was going smoothly, also noting that Square Enix has “plans to showcase the title at a certain point.”  Whether or not Versus XIII will make an appearance at next week’s E3 is not known, but Nomura has previously said that it might not make it to one the year’s biggest game events.

No worries, folks. We’ll have more coverage than you can imagine. As news pours in (and it will, insanely), we will keep everything and anything updated for you guys – especially with regards to one of the most awaited games of this generation, Kingdom Hearts. Oh, and just a head’s up, don’t be surprised if they are – yet again – handheld titles.