New Kratos Halloween Mask Haunts My Dreams

on October 26, 2009 11:28 AM

Ok, so I know some people have this thing with finding clowns absolutely terrifying, I’m probably one of those people. Never in my years did I think that a video game inspired mask would have the same effect but, oh boy am I wrong! Now I know that Kratos is the “Ghost of Sparta”, but this is just plain cree-py. Check out this official licensed mask and tell me you don’t want to buy it, not just for Halloween, but to scare the pants off of all your loved ones at night. The mask is described as:

“Made with high quality latex, this authentic Kratos Mask was painstakingly recreated with careful considerations and direction with the God of War development team.  Each detail, down to the wrinkle and pores, were carefully placed to ensure a true-to-life Kratos mask was masterfully produced”


The mask is available now (while supplies last) at SpiritHalloween.

(Via God of War III Official Site)

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