AltEgo’s New League of Legends “Champion Select” App Allows You To Show Off How Awesome You Are

on February 19, 2013 2:49 PM


Riot Games and AltEgo have just announced the release of their brand new Champion Select app, an app that allows League of Legends users to share in-game accomplishments over Facebook and Twitter, creation of customized posters featuring the user’s team and stats, and will receive additional content down the road.

As to how Champion Select came around, AltEgo’s CEO Seth Gerson as this to say:

“We play League of Legends a lot, and are always posting our victories. We thought that this would a much more fun way to do it. These posters allow you to get across messages that go further than just a screenshot.

We’re designing all kinds of custom posters; we’ve got lots more coming soon.”

Users should expect other ways to customize their poster, including unique ones for Pentakills, Quadrakills, and other in-game achievements. There will also be ones based on classic movie posters, album covers, World War II propaganda posters, and more.

A player’s stat’s are pulled directly from Riot, and players will unlock special posters by achieving specific stats in the game. So not only will posting your poster show off your stats, but the type of posters you use will also be a way of showing off as well.

You can check out examples of the app in the gallery below, and download the app for free from the Google Play store (as long as your phone is Android OS 2.2. and up).

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