New Legends of Pegasus Trailer Details the Human Race’s Struggle To Survive

on June 12, 2012 7:47 PM

Kalypso Media and Novacore Studios today released a new trailer for their upcoming Space Strategy title, Legends of Pegasus. In this new trailer, we are given the back story to the Human race’s colonization of space; the conflict that arose between those who stayed on earth and those who made the supposed mistake of venturing beyond our atmosphere.

Upon colonizing the vast emptiness of space, the Human Race made contact with one of three alien races that players will be able to discover and interact with in Legends. As the war between Earth the colonies progressed, Earth received aid from one of these alien races. Apparently the help came at a price, as it doomed the Human Race, regardless of where they lived. While the Human Race struggles, the glorious PC gaming master race will be able to pick up Legends of Pegasus for Windows PC later this summer. You can take a peek at the trailer below.

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