New LG TV Will be Able to Play Games, No Console Required

New LG TV Will be Able to Play Games, No Console Required

The next console race might not be between the PS4, Xbox 720 and Wii U, after all.

Cloud gaming service Gaikai and LG announced this week that the two companies would partner up to manufacture an HDTV model due out later this year that would have the ability to stream games without requiring consumers to buy a dedicated console to do so. Just as the OnLive service streams games from a box that pulls data from a remote server and transmits it to your TV, the as-of-yet-unnamed Gaikai/LG TV would remove that middleman and include technology in the set itself to pull and stream those games.

But unlike the OnLive service, which requires a subscription in order to stream games through the service, Gaikai allows its users to purchase and stream  games directly from third party publishers.

“Gaikai has spent three years building the fastest interactive cloud network in the world, instantly capable of delivering cutting-edge games without the need for any extra custom hardware,” said a Gaikai release. “Coupled with relationships with the top video game and development partners around the world, Gaikai is capable of delivering a broad catalog of the world’s most exciting games straight to LG connected consumers.”

A look at Gaikai’s official site gives you an idea of the games available through the service, from FIFA ’12 to Crysis 2. And, of course, there’s Farming Simulator 2011. Because the service would probably be an utter failure without that gem.