New Line Ready to Rampage on the Big Screen

New Line Ready to Rampage on the Big Screen

How do you write a screenplay adaptation about a game where players control monsters and smash buildings into oblivion? Better question: How do you write a big-screen adaptation of a game where you place red and white pegs on a board to simulate maritime war?

If Universal can make a Battleship movie, then New Line can easily pull of Rampage. Right? Well, regardless of how you feel, it’s happening.

If you didn’t know, the game isn’t just about three random monsters teaming up to decimate an entire city. Two men and a little girl named George, Ralph and Lizzy mutate into an enormous gorilla, werewolf and lizard, respectively. John Rickard, who’s produced A Nightmare on Elm Street, Final Destination and Horrible Bosses is going to helm the adaptation.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the goal for the film is to “make a smartly-budgeted monster movie in the vein and tone of Ghostbusters and Independence Day.” I don’t know about ID4, but I like where New Line is going with the Ghostbusters premise. If the studio went for a fun film that didn’t take itself too seriously, I could see myself enjoying that.

I think it’d be neat to see a Cloverfield-inspired adaptation where we get to see the mayhem from the monsters’ point of view, to be honest. Do with that what you will.

Thanks to /Film for the tip.