New Lineage Eternal Gameplay Video Gives Diablo III a Run for it’s Money

New Lineage Eternal Gameplay Video Gives Diablo III a Run for it’s Money

The upcoming action MMORPG Lineage Eternal has just been announced at G-Star in Korea, and it already looks really impressive, not to mention possibly very familiar to the fans of the Diablo series.

Today NCSoft published the official gameplay video that was shown at the presentation, and boy, there’s a lot to see.

The trailer begins with a massive siege battle, continuing with the introduction of the innovative Drag Skill system, that allows the players to just drag the mouse on the screen in different patterns to have the character attack following those movements (for instance drawing a circle on the screen around the character results in a point blank area of effect attack), and finishing with the introduction of three classes (Knight, Mage and Spirit Archer) and of party gameplay.

One of the most interesting features is definitely the ability to lead whole armies in massive battles. I wonder how important this strategic element will be in the final game.

I won’t hide the fact that the trailer looks extremely enticing. It seems that NCSoft took Diablo‘s formula, applied some much needed innovation on it, and created something that could really prove as a step forward for the MMORPG genre.  Of course we’ll have to see how it’ll really play, but for the moment, color me interested.

You can see the full video below: