New Little King’s Story Reclaiming Kingdoms on PSN

New Little King’s Story Reclaiming Kingdoms on PSN

PlayStation Vita fans have more games to look forward to with the recent announcement that New Little King’s Story will be released on October second for PSN.

The Vita version of the game will feature enhanced graphics and features. Each character will have experience points and by fight as a group they will grow and develop. Accessories can be changed to give troops a unique look.

By bringing princesses into battle, they will support the player with their magical skills and assist in catching monsters to turn into companions.

The Vita version also will make use of the system’s touch-panel. Players will be able to scout more than a dozen citizens in this version using the touch-panel.

Those that enjoyed the original on the Wii or missed this game the first time will not want to miss this version when it hits the PlayStation Vita on October 2nd.