New Mafia III Gameplay Video Revealed; Plenty of Free and Paid DLCs Announced

New Mafia III Gameplay Video Revealed; Plenty of Free and Paid DLCs Announced

During a panel at PAX West, 2K Games introduced new gameplay of Mafia III, showcasing a “sitdown” between Lincoln Clay and his lieutenants.

In these scenes, Lincoln gets to assign a newly conquered district to one of his allies, and the player will have to decide who. In this particular scene, Vito Scaletta is angry because he hasn’t been agiven much in the past. This changes between playthroughs depending on the player’s choices.

There are deep consequences to this, as allies that get nothing won’t be pleased, while those who are favored can provide various bonuses.

On top of this, we also got the announcement of the post-release DLC plan for the game. First and foremost, there will be free regular recurring additions with content and features.

The first of those addition will be the ability to change Lincoln’s outfit, then there will be new weapons one month after release, quite extensive car customization with the ability to change liveries, license plates and more, and after that auto races.

Paid new content will bring new story-driven expansions that will be purchased individually or all together. They will also be part of the season pass.

The first will be titled “Faster, Baby!,” the second will be titled “Sign of the Times,” and the third is named “Stones Unturned.” Each will come with additional new content including outfits, weapons, races and more.

Below you can check out the new gameplay, and art and screenshots related to the DLCs.