New Magicka DLC And Song Show Us How Legit Arrowhead Are

By Justin Hutchison

February 26, 2011

Arrowhead just released some free DLC with the big 11th update for Magicka, and it sure shows how cool the guys at Arrowhead are. The DLC, called the Mea Culpa pack, includes:

1 Staff – “Bugged Staff” – summons a swarm of bugs.
1 Sword – “A broken sword”
1 Robe – “Patched Robe”
1 Magick – “Crash to Desktop – Magick  – zaps any foe (or friend)

It’s cool that they’re not really annoyed with the reputation Magicka had for being buggy. Lots of respect for them for putting all of the effort into fixing it and then playing it cool like this afterwards.

They also released a song, “The Gamer and Magicka”, which you can listen to here.  It’s in much the same style as the new weapons, and it’s also pretty great.

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