New Marketing Study Claims PS4 as Top-Selling Console During Black Friday 2015

on November 30, 2015 7:51 AM

Black Friday 2015 has come and gone, yet the results of a particularly busy season for holiday shoppers are already starting to trickle out, with a new marketing study claiming that Sony’s PS4 may have been the clear winner among shoppers on Black Friday.

In a new report fromĀ InfoScout, a marketing group that has previously tracked console sales during the busier shopping seasons of the year, a new study from the group tracking sales of consoles during Black Friday revealed Sony and the PS4 as the predominantly-selling console among the two age groups buying the most video games and consoles.

InfoScout’s report tracked over 250,000 receipts from three mobile shopping apps in two specific age groups for Millennial (18-35) and Middle-Aged (36-55) shoppers, indicating that among Millenial shoppers the PS4 claimed a 48% share over Xbox One and Wii U (32% and 19% respectively) during Black Friday compared to an average shopping day, where the split between PS4/Xbox One/Wii U normally rests at 40%/39%/20% respectively.

Among Middle-Aged consumers, the results were a bit more even during Black Friday as Xbox One was actually the more predominant console at a 37% share over the PS4 and Wii U (33% and 30% respectively), though the differences aren’t quite as drastic as with the Millennial shoppers tracked by InfoScout.

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