New Mass Effect 2 DLC Let’s Us Spend More Time with Liara

New Mass Effect 2 DLC Let’s Us Spend More Time with Liara


How can we not refuse? Way to go, Bioware. Making DLC that brings back Liara T’Soni. You could have just left us hanging after our brief encounter with her again in Mass Effect 2, but no…you went and came up with DLC that revolves around her. What were you thinking?! On second thought, I know exactly what they were thinking. Never mind.

Anyway, onto the point! Bioware announced today that another DLC mission will be available for Mass Effect 2 in the coming weeks, titled “Lair of the Shadow Broker”.


If you haven’t played ME2 yet, stop reading now if you have any inclination of playing it in the future. As we all know, the mysterious Shadow Broker is the means by which Liara managed to obtain Commander Shepherd’s broken body, which subsequently was turned over to Cerberus and reconstructed brick by boring brick (Paramore reference, sorry that song is stuck in my head). When we meet Liara during the course of the events in ME2, she’s still dealing with the fallout of those actions. This new DLC has something to do with helping Liara settle things with this Shadow Broker once and for all.

The spoilers are over, you can open your eyes again.

There is no release date and no detailed information about this mission, but I’m sure that will be forthcoming from Bioware in their own due time. For now, have some screenshots and be happy!