New Mass Effect 3 Character Looks Like Guy That Stole Your Lunch Money

Mass Effect 3. Probably the biggest sci-fi game ever made…ever. And what does BioWare give us as a new character? This lame human that looks like a less interesting version of Jacob (if that’s even possible.) Come to think of it, he looks like this guy I used to play varsity football with back in high school. His last name was Lander, so as a nerdy Warhammer 40k joke, we called him the Land Raider. I wasn’t bad myself, playing offensive and defensive tackle because our team only had one and a half strings, for both offense and defense, but this guy was mean, lean, and most of all a douchebag. He once shoved a twinkie in my friend’s face and laughed that he had the ‘cream filling’ all over his mouth. Yeah, he was that kind of guy. Real mature. And that’s exactly the image that this Vega character evokes to me. I really hope they change him or something, because this guy is just not going to sell to the 18-35 sci-fi loving demographic.

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is currently a Writing/Film student at Sarah Lawrence College, where he previously worked as a film technician and teacher assistant despite having little technical knowledge. He is currently abroad studying play-writing at Oxford University in the UK. Daniel likes to think of himself as a weird combination of Captain America and Hunter S Thompson minus the extensive drug use. As a result, he can often be found lifting things, fighting for justice, and being a crazy outlaw journalist on the edge who doesn't play by the rules. When he’s not writing about, reviewing, or playing games, music, and occasionally writing well-paying profiles of businessman, Daniel thinks about what exactly he'll end u doing with his life post-graduation. Daniel plans on either going to graduate school for an MFA, or more realistically, getting a day job, which he hopes is somehow involved in the gaming, comic book, or film industries. You can contact Daniel at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @DHorowitz107

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