New Mass Effect Andromeda Extended Gameplay Shows Liam Kosta's Funny and Hectic Loyalty Mission

BioWare shows off another large chunk of gameplay, this time focusing on Weapon Officer Liam Costa.

During a panel at PAX East, BioWare showcased Liam Kosta’s loyalty mission from its upcoming RPG Mass Effect Andromeda.

Since it’s a loyalty mission, and since it’s specifically Liam’s, the tone is a little lighter in tone with comedy moments, but Creative Director Mac Walters made sure to clarify that there are some very serious moments in the game.

Right at the beginning, we see that thanks to the Frostbite Engine, you can actually look out of the Tempest (your starship), and see the location in space where you flew to, including your destination planets.

On top of a lot of combat (including the new procedural cover system), we also get to see what happens when you die… twice in a row.

The video showcases quite a bit of dialogue (so be wary that the video includes spoilers), and the way it changed from the previous trilogy, with the removal of of the Paragon/Renegate system and the introduction of “tones” that let you roleplay your character in different ways, for instance as a “wiseass” or a thinker. There are also options to agree and disagree.

While in most dialogue options in this missions there were only two tones, there are moments in which there will be up to four. At times not all tones are appropriate to the situation.

Developers then showcased and a look at the Favorites and Profiles features, that let you switch your character setup on the fly.

Another interesting element is scanning, that lets you acquire interesting snippets of lore and acquire research points in three different trees, one for the Milky Way, one for the Helius Cluster and one for the Remnant.

If you want to see more, you can check out another large batch of gameplay from earlier today, and the launch trailer.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 21st in North America and on March 23rd in Europe.

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