New Mass Effect DLC Revealed Prematurely

New Mass Effect DLC Revealed Prematurely

Premature revelation – this is what the Swiss Xbox Live Marketplace site gave us when it comes to what is likely to be the last DLC for the original Mass Effect.  There have been rumblings that this DLC – dubbed “Pinnacle Station” – will lead players into the sequel, which is due to hit early next year.  Achievements were leaked for this likely addition to the adventures of Shepherd last week during the whole GamesCom news blitz, and this would seem to match up with that.

Honestly, I didn’t play the first DLC, but I think its about time I did!  Perhaps if I can find some downtime I may be inclined to play through ME once more, for old times sake.  I’ll need something to remind me what the hell is going on, because its been quite a while.  Now that we have the leak, all we need is official word from Bioware and/or EA.

UPDATE: Turns out the “rumors” were on point.  The Mass Effect “Pinnacle Station” DLC is up on the Xbox Live Marketplace right now, along with a premium theme and avatar clothing based on the game.

2 responses to “New Mass Effect DLC Revealed Prematurely”

  1. PJ says:

    I have Mass Effect for PC, does the PC dlc come out at the same time as the console stuff?

  2. @PJ: Since this was found on the an Xbox Live site, I’m not sure. Haven’t seen anything about the PC version, only the listing for the Xbox version at the link in the post.