[UPDATED] New Medabots Mobile Game Announced, “More Developments” Teased

[UPDATED] New Medabots Mobile Game Announced, “More Developments” Teased

Imagineer announced they will be publishing a new Medabots game in Japan for mobile platforms. An OST release for Medabots Classics was also announced.

Imagineer announced it is working on a new Medarot game for mobile. Medarot being the Japanese name of the Medabots mecha + RPG franchise. The game is developed by SoWhat, a subsidiary of Imagineer. That’s the only thing they revealed about the game for now, but it’s fair to say the game will probably have a gacha to win new Medabots parts. More information will be revealed at a later date on social media, like the franchise’s official Twitter account.

A Japanese official Medabots Youtube channel was also launched. New information and videos on the new smartphone game and the Medabots franchise will be published there.

The latest game in the Medabots franchise is Medarot Classics for 3DS, a compilation of games from Medabot 1 to 5 with new features like being able to save anytime. The game celebrated the franchise’s 20th anniversary and only released in Japan in 2017.

An OST release for Medarot Classics was also announced, titled “Medarot Games Sound Archive”. Pre-orders for it will start on the Medarotters store on November 28. It will also include a booklet.

I don’t think this new Medabots mobile game will ever release outside of Japan. Most of the games never left Japan and the franchise has been dead for a while in the west.

Update: On November 28th, which is also known as “Medabots Day”, Imagineer announced that the new Medarots mobile game is part of the franchise’s 21st anniversary, and that “more developments” will be happening later. A sample photo showing the “Medarot Games Sound Archive” OST box was revealed as well. E-books versions of the Medabots manga adaptations are coming too.