New Mighty No. 9 Update Discusses Possible Next-Gen and Portable Versions; Campaign Smashes Second Stretch Goal

on September 4, 2013 8:46 AM

In Mighty No. 9‘s latest Kickstarter update, the development team answers some common questions from fans, including whether or not we’ll see portable or next-gen console (other than the Wii U of course) releases for the game. There’s also a bevy of great new fanart posted in the update. Finally, the second stretch goal at $1.35 million has been knocked out, which brings Mighty No. 9 to Mac and Linux.

In terms of a PS4 and Xbox One release, the development teams stated that “if we continue to see more and more people asking for next-gen versions, and then if we’re able to set and clear stretch goal funding levels that include enough margin for error that we can say with confidence we can deliver on quality versions for these platforms — that’s what it would take to make next-gen versions of Mighty No. 9 a reality.” The same answer was given in response to a portable version of the game as well.

Thanks to another commonly asked question we find out that while a physical release of the game itself is not possible, the team is currently considering a reward tier above the $60 one that would include some kind of physical media with the game, such as a USB device.

Lastly, the campaign has reached its second stretch goal, with a current campaign total of $1,472,382:

Mighty No. 9 (19)

You can go here to contribute to Mighty No. 9‘s campaign effort.

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