New Minecraft Clip Shows the 1.5 Update In All Its Glory

on April 11, 2011 12:30 PM

New Minecraft Clip Shows the 1.5 Update In All Its Glory

Last Friday we gave you all news about the changes that are coming with Beta Version 1.5 update of Minecraft. Here’s a little clip from Mojang themselves demonstrating the stats, achievements, and weather elements that’ll be added to the game.

That looks damned impressive, but I do hope the achievements get a bit more difficult than what was presented. Additionally, I’d love to see lightning rods show up in the game; Mr. Colaw and myself spent a couple of long weekday nights cultivating a 10×10 horticultural behemoth known as the “Megatree”, and I’d hate to log in one night to find it in flames thanks to a rogue lightning storm.

Still, cannot freaking wait for this one. I’m absolutely loving how Minecraft gets more and more ambitious with each update. NOTCH IS GOD

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