New Minecraft PS3 Updates, More Skins, More Textures, More Porkchops

on March 31, 2014 9:32 AM

Just in case you hadn’t gotten enough Minecraft news lately  new updates for the PS3 version has gone live today.

The first of which, Title Update 14, brings Emeralds, increased Ender Chests, Zombie Villagers, and more.  Cauldrons will now fill up with rain, wolf collars can be dyed any color of the rainbow and pigs drop more porkchops.

Two fresh new skin pack are also now available, including one that contains characters from PlayStation mainstays Uncharted, Sly Cooper, Killzone and more. The other, the Battle of the Beasts Pack, is billed as the games “most eclectic pack currently available.”  It allows players to choose from a wide selection of man and beast, including koalas, a Cleopatra look-a-like, various cavemen, and an octopus.

Finally two new texture pack has been released allowing for a little more diversity for the interior design minded gamer.

The City Texture pack is perfect for the modernist Minecrafter; it’ll give your creations a more clean, clinical look. The Plastic Texture pack makes things look a lot more, erm, plasticy.