New MLB2K10 Gameplay Vid

February 9, 2010

As Sean Bailey talks us through this new Major League Baseball 2k10 Gameplay Video and Screens, from 2K Sports’ Developer Insights section of their online community website, I notice more then just the realistic, vibrant graphics we’ve all become accustomed to in sports games.  Although, those are pretty great in this game as well!  What I like most about this game is that its harder to pitch and bat then most games.  New realistic game play additions to MLB2k10 make this baseball game seem like more of a full fledged simulation then a game.  The way split second decisions are handled in this game really step up the demand for a player to be skilled and focused.

For example, the all new Total Control Pitching system in place will have you using your thumbs in quick motion to perform your pitches with the analog stick all the way to the right then twisting back in and around to the left in a curve like fashion to achieve slider pitches.  The pitch analyzer will be an essential asset in delivering improved performance on the mound.  Giving you tips based on your performance of what you did well and what was garbage.  And the way the pitch matches up to the batter’s swing does give the general impression that physics are pretty great in this game!

Up at bat there have been major additions to the games controls as well that make it focus more on skill and ease of use then in past sports games.  Total Control Hitting gives the player the freedom to realistically pull back their swing using the analog stick and let loose cracking the ball into the outfield in one fluid motion with a Power Swing.  Where many old school games have fumbled this in the past with timed button presses, MLB2K10 looks like solid batting arms are in play.  Contact Swings and Defensive Swings are similarly fluid and skill-testing motions on the analog stick.

As we continue, even further realism is being pushed by MLB2K10 here with the Batter’s Eye, one incredible feature that allows players to see the pitches, and identify balls and strikes, as they approach better or worse depending on the eyesight of the real life baseball player.  It is one of those ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ type of ideas that just seems to make sense in a game like this and adds to the game play in a subtle way.  Last but not least, the Inside Edge scouting system will allow you to “Exploit Weaknesses, Strengths, and Tendancies [of Players]” according to Sean Bailey, Gameplay Designer on MLB2K10

All in all, I’d say this is shaping up to be a pretty hot game.  Just one man’s humble opinion.

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