New Mobile Suit Gundam UC Screenshots and Information Showcase Customization

New Mobile Suit Gundam UC Screenshots and Information Showcase Customization

Namco Bandai released today a new batch of screenshots and Information about Mobile Suit Gundam UC (that will be released in Japan exclusively on PS3 on March the 8th), mostly focusing on customization and on some of the battle systems that will be included in the game.

During the course of the game the player will be able to customize not only it’s mobile suits, but also the statistics of his characters, influencing several factors:

Mobile Suit

  • Armor: the resilience of the armor.
  • Defense: the ability to reduce incoming damage.
  • Lock: the time taken to lock on a target.
  • Fuel: the total fuel carried.
  • Efficency: the efficency of fuel consumption.


  • Aiming: the accuracy with beam weapons.
  • Basic Control: the ability to perform basic controls such as movement.
  • Step Control: the ability to perform sidestep moves.
  • Dash Control: the ability to perform dash moves.
  • Fuel Control: reduces fuel consumption.

Looking at the statistics, it seems that fuel will play an important role in the game.

During combat it will be possible to take cover behind large objects, like asteroids. Doing that will break the line of sight of the enemy and void any lock they have on the player. On the other hand the mobile suit in cover will continue to be able to lock his enemies, gaining an opportunity for a counterattack.

Mobile suits will have access to different weapons for a variety of effects, some of those will also allow locking on multiple enemies at the same time. Additional weapons like hand grenades will also be available.

Alongside the normal control scheme similar to previous Gundam games, thee will be an assisted one that will allow players unfamiliar with this kind of game to control their mobile suit easily. It will automatically switch to the weapon optimal for the distance of the target and block according to the direction of the enemy attacks.

The first print of the game will include a code to download the MSN-001 Delta Gundam as an exclusive bonus.

You can check out the screenshots released today below: