New NBA 2K15 Video Shows Of MyCareer Cutscene and Details

If you’ve been wondering about how MyCareer will be this year in NBA 2K15, we’ve finally got some new details for you. And, spoiler alert, your players career isn’t going to start out all that peachy.

In a new video released by YouTube personality, Chris Smoove, we got to see his face scanned persona in the opening moments of MyCareer. Sitting at home, waiting for the 60th draft pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, you find out you were not selected and have gone undrafted. Irate that you were snubbed, you have to get calmed down by your agent whose career is linked with your success to get him into an agency.

Letting you know that players will bust and injuries will occur, you simply need to keep working hard and wait for an opportunity. Being undrafted has only been a set back to timing and you’ll soon have your chance to play in the big leagues like you’ve always dreamed.

This new twist on MyCareer means that there is no more rookie showcase and that you will start as a free agent and be given your first shot later in the year, with your season starting in January instead of October. You’ll have to fight for 10-day contracts leading up to the playoffs and then be able to explore your options on the open market right away.

It’s a different take that, personally as a huge NBA fan, really love. Tons of quality guys go undrafted every year and a handful work their way up into having solid, sometimes spectacular careers (just look at Ben Wallace). Being able to take that hard route in and really build something from scratch is a really awesome take for story telling. It also conveniently solves the issue of you bumping a real player that was actually drafted in your draft position that has always bugged me in an OCD kind of way. Everyone wins.

You can checkout the video below to watch the whole clip. NBA 2K15 comes out on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on October 7th.

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