New Nebulae of Eve Online Detailed. Players Encouraged to Praise or Emo Rage.

on November 3, 2011 2:45 PM

Today CCP posted a new devblog detailing the upcoming new nebulae that will be implemented soon in EVE online, replacing the old static backdrops.

The new phenomena won’t just look beautiful, but will have a real presence in the 3D world, allowing players to approach them, until they actually enter the nebulae themselves.

The world will also become darker, especially in nullsec and lowsec (the lawless areas of the EVE Online universe). With the previous backdrops brightly colored areas filled space basically everywhere. The new nebulae will be more localized, leaving more room for the emptiness of space and for the stars.

Empire space will be still fairly bright, giving players a sense of safety, but the rest of the EVE Universe will be aptly darker and scarier as space should be.

Finally the way starships appear will also change, as their textures partly reflect the space around them, that means that as the appearance of space will chage, the same will happen to our ships.

In order to prevent displeasing changes going live and causing more malcontent, CCP will implement the new nebulae on the test server at first, allowing (and explicitly encouraging) players to see the changes and express their feedback in the form of “praise or emo rage”, in order to allow the developer to adjust the experience accordingly for the full release.

You can see three screenshots of the new nebulae below.


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