New Neptune Trailer Shows Off Transformations

New Neptune Trailer Shows Off Transformations


If you thought Transformers: War for Cybertron was the only place you could get transformers, you are absolutely…wrong. Enter Super Dimensional Game Neptune, in which cute girls personify game consoles. These girls then transform into goddesses and much badassery commences. Check out the latest trailer from Compile Heart after the break, which shows off this trippy process.

What is kind of cool is that, as the video shows, you have different parts of the body that you can equip with different accessories, or processors. This determines both the final aesthetic look of the goddess and also their abilities in battle.

The 16-bit sprites you see throughout the video are actually summons, and are based off Gust, Compile Heart, Nippon Ichi and Sega characters throughout the years. You will also supposedly be able to pull in your own pictures and use them as summons throughout the game, as well, which adds yet another swanky customization aspect to the game.

Super Dimensional Game Neptune releases in Japan next month and I’m hoping and praying either Sega or NIS America will bring this game stateside.