Kickstarter Creating New NES Game Reaches Full Funding in 16 Hours

Alonzo's Arctic Adventure, the latest offering from developer Spoony Bard Productions, is a new platformer on an old console.

By Travis Verbil

October 18, 2018

Folks, we have reached peak nostalgia.

Not only has the gaming industry continued to pay homage to retro hardware through the development of the PlayStation Classic, the Ataribox, and the new Intellivision console, it has now decided to bring back genuinely old gaming hardware. No, I’m not talking about products like the newly announced Analogue Mega Sg, a new piece of hardware that can play old Mega Drive, Master System, and Sega Genesis games. I’m talking about manufacturing new software for antiquated, classic hardware.

At the forefront of this charge is Alfonzos Arctic Adventure, a new platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System from developer and publisher Spoony Bard Productions. Flaunting 90 unique levels, four playable characters, and a “password function to save progress,” Alfonzo‘s Arctic Adventure offers all of the trappings of any NES game. If you’re wondering who would want to revert back to pre-save gameplay mechanics, the answer is a lot of people. Within the first 16 hours of Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure‘s Kickstarter campaign the game reached its $7,718 CA goal.

Of course, you don’t have to play Alfonzo‘s Arctic Adventure on the NES. For a small pledge of $9 CA, you can receive the game’s NES ROM file alongside the game’s PDF manual. But really, what’s the fun in that?

Alfonzo‘s Artic Adventure isn’t Spoony Bard Production’s first venture into creating new games for classic hardware. Earlier this year, Limited Run Games commissioned Spoony Bard to port GALF, the in-game golf mini-game from Golf Story, to the NES. Despite being possibly the least convenient (yet coolest) way to play a minigame, NES cartridges for GALF sold out without a hitch.

The upside of playing a new NES game on original hardware? That one tech-savvy friend you have can finally stop telling you to build a Raspberry Pi. Maybe I’ll have to pick up Aflonzo’s Arctic Adventure after all.

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You can check out the Kickstarter campaign for the game here. If you’re interested in pledging you might want to hurry up so you can snag one of the game’s limited Ice Clear cartridges.

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