New Nights of Azure 2 Trailer Is All About Swimsuits and Yuri

New Nights of Azure 2 Trailer Is All About Swimsuits and Yuri

Nights of Azure 2 for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch gets a new trailer, and it's all about beautiful ladies and swimsuits.

What could be a Nights of Azure game without swimsuits? Or a Gust game at that. The new trailer of Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon is all about that.

We get to see basically the entire cast clad in some rather skimpy swimwear, which is actually a relevant part of the series’ story, since its part of the purification rituals introduced since the first game.

Of course, it’s also a good chance to take a look at all the Lilies, which are the ladies who will accompany protagonist Alushe in her adventures, serving also as romantic interest.

Because yes, if you haven’t noticed yes, Nights of Azure 2 takes the “girls love” concept of its predecessor Nights of Azure, and multiplies it tenfold.

You can check out the trailer for yourself and see what I mean below. If you want to see more, you can check out the latest English release from yesterday, a trailer of the Nintendo Switch version, and one focusing on dramatic cutscenes.

Koei Tecmo recently announced the release dates for the west, on October 24th in North America and on October 27th in Europe. The game will come for PS4, PC and Switch, losing the PS Vita version that will be released only in Japan alongside with PS4 and Switch on August 31st.