PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Nights of Azure 2 Gets New Screenshots; New Yuri Waifu Revealed

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Nights of Azure 2 Gets New Screenshots; New Yuri Waifu Revealed

Like most Sundays, it’s time for some juicy Gust news, and quite a lot of screenshots to top them off, this time around featuring Nights of Azure 2.

We get the reveal of Veruschka another half-demon belonging to an organization that rivals the Curia. Due to her past experience, she her emotions and will are suppressed. When she was young, she was made a half  half-demon as part of an experiment, and was saved by the leader of her organization. She believes her organization to be in the right, which is why she will confront Arshe in battle. Yet, due to circumstances, she will become a lily (basically the game’s version of a companion/yuri waifu).

She fights with dual daggers, and she is very good at overwhelming enemies with a flurry of attacks in rapid succession. Her active skill is a wide angle attack that can chop enemies with consecutive strikes. Her special skills can instantly kill one enemy.

We also get to see some of the story that serves as the prologue. The Pope, who leads the curia, orders Arshe to escort the shrine maiden Liliana. Unfortunately, Arshe learns that Liliana has to be offered to the Queen of the Moon, and her mission is to escort her to her sacrifice.

Their childhood friend Ruenhaid (best girl, just saying) confront Arshe, demanding to know if she really is going to escort Liliana to her end. Ruenhaid belongs to an organization opposing the Curia, and believes that they’re not trying to save humanity. Unfortunately, due to a sudden attack by a demon, Arshe is killed. She awakes in a suspicious laboratory, revived as a half-demon by Camilla. Liliana is missing.

She earns the ability to use the “blood sword,” created by the blood of demons, and she decides to use that power to search for Liliana, and she reunites with Ruenhaid at an hotel that serves as base of operations, and where she was guided by Camilla. Now that their positions are different, Ruenhaid decides to assist in finding Liliana.

On top of this, the leveling up feature has been revealed for the servants that will aid Arshe. Not only they can transform in weapons, but they can also evolve. When their evolution parameter reaches “MAX” level, it’s possible to reincarnate them, this serves as a limit break for their stats, but they return to level 1.

You can check out all the screenshots below, including a lovely illustration portraying Arshe, Ruenhaid and Liliana in their academy days.

Night of Azure 2 will release in Japan in February 2017, and in the west within the year, even if we don’t have a precise launch window for North America and Europe.