New Nintendo Portable is 3D for 2011!

By Jon Ireson

March 23, 2010

Nintendo has done it again folks. Just when you thought that their mobile platform could not possibly do any better Nintendo is setting itself up for another hand-held gaming system. The extra large Nintendo DS has barely had time to smell the roses but already is being pushed down into second place on the Nintendo hand-held ladder. Read more for this shocking announcement from the gaming hardware giant themselves.

Incredibly Nintendo has announced that the successor to the long lasting success of the Nintendo DS and DSi will be the Nintendo 3DS (name pending). This amazing piece of equipment will feature what sounds like full-fledged auto-stereoscopic 3D features that will provide a 3D gaming experience without the need for special glasses. Even if this is some old type of 3D I believe it’s safe to say Nintendo is about to hit a gold mine being the first to release a hand-held device capable of such graphics in the gaming world.

So far all we know for sure about the device is that it will produce the 3D effect for its users without the need for special glasses. We also know this is not just another Nintendo DS as some people are out there speculating, although it will be backwards compatible with DS games. Nintendo has told the world this is the successor to the Nintendo DS and will begin a new generation of mobile gaming for the company. New games will be revealed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo as well as hopefully more information on this amazing new gaming system heading for release next year. Good move Nintendo, this is one innovation that hand-held gaming will be better for having next year.

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