New Opening Cinematic Heralds in Neverwinter’s Open Beta

on April 30, 2013 2:51 PM

It was announced this morning on the official website that the beta for the upcoming Neverwinter is now open for business (and playing). A newly released opening cinematic showcases several adventurers as they defend the city of Neverwinter by fighting off a horde of undead soldiers summoned by a mysterious female necromancer called Valindra Shadowmantle. Neverwinter is scheduled for a later release on PC.

While I loved how the trailer really showed off the different classes and their unique abilities, what was really refreshing was the way every character in the trailer was shown as useful, right down to the female Cleric. I loved how she was the one who first rescued the Trickster Rogue from the enemy, that she was willing to risk certain death to heal and protect her comrade and that the Rogue reciprocated equally. I may be reading into the trailer too much but you often don’t see that female-female camaraderie (it’s usually male-female or male-male) so it was a pleasant surprise.

Now enough from me–the trailer’s down below for your enjoyment:

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