New Original Title Announced From PlatinumGames, and It's Called Babylon's Fall

Announced during the Square Enix E3 conference was Babylon's Fall and it is paired with a release date set sometime in 2019.

There is a lot going on at E3 today, including the Square Enix E3 Broadcast. Included in their lineup of reveals was an all-new original title called Babylon’s Fall.

Babylon’s Fall didn’t have much to reveal, but we know that PlatinumGames is the team behind it. In the new trailer, there are numbers counting up with historical events from an unknown world appearing. These are all given dates in the new world shown. The number then counts to the year CE 5470, and it’s called Awakening. With it, we read ‘Deep within the shrine of souls, the Nomads are born.’

We then see a soldier kneeling down in some wicked looking armor. Another knight is above him and swinging downward with a large sword toward the other knight. Right when the sword is about to contact, a set of pinkish-red and thin tentacles launch out of the first knight and rips the other one’s arm off with his sword still attached. The attacking knight then receives a nasty cut right down his torse from his own sword and arm. This is when Babylon’s Fall title comes up onto the screen.

Babylon’s Fall will be available in 2019 for PS4 and PC via Steam. If you happened to miss out on the Square Enix broadcast during E3, you can watch the entire press conference here. There is also a trailer down below for the new game as well:

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