New Overwatch Map Oasis Released, Gets New Trailer

New Overwatch Map Oasis Released, Gets New Trailer

The newest addition to Overwatch‘s map line-up, Oasis, has been on the PTS server for quite a while, but it’s finally time for heroes to fight over the control of the beautiful corner of Middle East, and to be hit by cars again and again, on the live servers.

The map comes for the control game mode, and includes a jump pad and lot of environmental dangers, including big drops and a road with reckless drivers that will kill heroes on a hit and run, and will probably be source of hilarity and frustration, depending on which side you’re on.

In the world of the game, Oasis is a technologically advanced city built in the desert of Iraq, founded by scientists with the intent to push the envelope of what is doable with human science by transforming an arid area into a thriving city.

The map was revealed during BlizzCon 2016, and just got a trailer for those that aren’t familiar with it, showcasing the city’s beauty, but surprisingly no traffic-induced deaths.

You can check it out below.