New Patch Adds PS4 Pro Support to Battlezone

on October 28, 2016 7:47 AM

Rebellion rolled out Patch 1.02 for Battlezone today, which adds PS4 Pro support to the game.

The PS4 Pro will add increased super-sampling resolution, improved dynamic lighting in the Cobra cockpit, and increased reflective lighting resolution to Battlezone. The patch also fixes some balance issues and bugs. You can read the full patch notes below:

Added PS4 Pro support
– Increased super-sampling resolution
– Improved dynamic lighting in the Cobra cockpit
– Increased reflective lighting resolution
Balancing changes
– Defend and Convoy missions are more balanced
– Difficulty randomisation more even throughout campaign
– Enemy rank scaling more balanced throughout campaign
Bug, performance fixes and other changes
– Improved clarity of particle effects
– Fixed a rare framerate hitch during hangar sequence
– Fixed rare physics issue that caused players to leave game world
– Minor enemy behaviour tweaks

Battlezone is available now for PlayStation VR. The PS4 Pro will launch November 10.

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