New Patch for Fallout 76 Includes Charleston Capitol Updates, Display Cases, and More

New Patch for Fallout 76 Includes Charleston Capitol Updates, Display Cases, and More

Bethesda has provided new details on the latest patch for Fallout 76 which includes updates to the Charleston Capitol, display cases, and more.

With Patch 12 coming to Fallout 76 later this month, Bethesda has provided some details on what to expect in the new update.

Among the bigger changes coming in the patch are changes to the Charleston Capitol Courthouse. These changes include a reworked layout and design that reflects better on the Key to the Past questline. Additionally, the main Capitol building and courthouse have been divided into two separate areas. This change allowed the developers to adjust the difficulty of the enemies in each location. Overall, these changes to the Capitol help improve the Key to the Past Questline for players going through the quest.

The patch also features new changes to Nuclear Winter including toning down overpowered weapons and increasing a Radaway’s effectiveness. A new item being added is the Staircase Quick Kit, which gives players the ability to move up steep terrain quicker.

For players that want to display their favorite weapon, bobblehead, or piece of junk, different display cases have been added to let players express themselves a bit. Once you’ve built a display in your C.A.M.P, you can assign what items are featured in the display case. Additionally, players can have 30 unique display cases in your C.A.M.P and each type of display has a limit of things that can be added to it.

Other changes include being able to hold 30,000 Caps at a time rather than 25,000 and holding down the “Activate” button if you want to sit on a piece of furniture, play an instrument, or rest up. This change comes from player feedback where players accidentally start doing something they while they’re trying to rebuild the Appalachia.

Speaking of updates, more details have been released about the game’s upcoming Wastelanders expansion which includes NPC dialouge and more. Additionally, a new battle royale map and new raids will come to game later in September.

Fallout 76 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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