New Patent Suggests Sony Could Be Working on PS5 Pro

New Patent Suggests Sony Could Be Working on PS5 Pro

While some are still looking to get the PS5, Sony might have their eyes set on what's next.

Sony has been at the top of the console game since the release of the original PlayStation and has continued to put out quality systems to this day. Last generation, we saw the PS4 and then several years after launch, the more powerful PS4 Pro. Now, according to a recently discovered patent, it seems like Sony is working on the PS5 Pro.

The patent in question was filed in January of last year but wasn’t published until July 2020 and is filed for a system that uses double GPU’s, one that controls HDMI frame output and another to help the first and pick up any slack. This sort of upgrade would keep graphics looking crisp and stop frame rate dips almost entirely.

While this could mean that Sony is working on the rumored PS5 Pro, it doesn’t confirm anything. As it’s been nearly two years since the patent was filed, it’s possible that the idea could have been used for the PS5 and scrapped or it could just be something sitting on the Sony backburner.

It does make sense, however, that Sony would be interested in making a PS5 Pro when looking at the success of the PS4 Pro. According to Hope Corrigan at IGN, “nearly one out of every five PS4’s sold” is a PS4 Pro. The numbers make sense for Sony to make it, but there have been no official statements made by the company at this time regarding an upgraded console.

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