New Persona 5 Royal Info Coming on June 14

New Persona 5 Royal Info Coming on June 14

The next Morgana's Report stream for Persona 5 Royal will be airing on June 14.

Atlus announced on Twitter that the next Morgana’s Report stream will be held on June 14, at 12:00 JST.

The first Morgana’s Report included brand new gameplay footage and information for Persona 5 Royal. Some of the gameplay sequences were also already seen in the first trailer, but on stream, it had actual in-game sound.

Morgana’s Report streams are basically Morgana acting as Atlus’ virtual youtuber, discovering with us new footage of the game.

Speaking of which, here is a rundown of the most important pieces of information we’ve learned so far:

Persona 5 Royal will stay as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. DLCs bought on the original Persona 5 can be reused for nearly free. Having an original Persona 5 save will grant a bonus that will make the beginning of Persona 5 Royal easier, but saves cannot be directly inherited.

New Phantom Thieves member Kasumi Yoshizawa got her own introduction trailer, which we translated. It reveals her persona, Cendrillon (Cinderella in French), and her all-out attack finish illustration.

According to the developers, Persona 5 Royal‘s new content will be much bigger than the new content found in Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 5 Royal launches in Japan on October 31. The game will be coming west in 2020. The English dubbed version of the first trailer was revealed at E3 2019 by Atlus USA.