New Phantasy Star Online 2 Screenshots Feature Impractical Hats, Lava, Numbers

I have a hard time believing we’re really in the future when our techno-priests are wearing hats like that. The future always seemed like it’d be sleek and streamlined, rather than focusing on that kind of… excess. And lack of common sense. Seriously, how are you supposed to concentrate on techno-healing when you’ve got that giant weight on your head? Unless it somehow magnifies psychic abilities or something, then that’d make it better, but it’s still woefully impractical.

Either way, the future is still looking somewhat bright in these new Phantasy Star Online 2, with lots of heavily-polished metal shopping centers, lava-planets, bug monsters, and loads of numbers popping out of things when you shoot them/whack them with sticks/use techno-magic on them.

The game’s looking impressive, really digging the art design. Hopefully the delay will give them some time to work on the graphical fidelity a bit more because there are a few janky-looking bits here and there.

Hit the jump for the full gallery with all of these and much, much more.


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