New Planetside 2 Air Combat Video and MAX Suit Reveal

on May 25, 2012 12:30 PM

Sony Online Entertainment is bringing us back to Auraxis, the world without death in the upcoming MMOFPS Planetside 2. The long awaited sequel will reintroduce us to the three factions and their neverending efforts to take control of the world, and the alien secrets it holds.

In two new releases, we’re given a taste of the massive air battles soon to come with a huge brawl set to the classic Ride of the Valkyries to bring back memories of Apocalypse Now. It seems like we’ll be seeing largely the same types of craft with fighters, bombers and gunships all making an appearance, though now with much nicer textures. I was impressed with the cockpit view as well, giving the aerial dogfight a bit of a greater sense of realism.

For the groundpounders, we also have a gallery full of new images of the female troopers of the factions, and the MAX suits. For those not familiar, a MAX suit is basically powered assault armor. Ever wanted to go around killing people as Iron Man? That’s basically the right train of thought. Hopefully Sony will be kind enough to give us more at E3, but for now check out the video and screenshots we have for you.

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