New PlayStation Plus Neo (Spartacus) Price & Tier Leak Explained

March 27, 2022

PlayStation Spartacus is expected to be released next week, and we have received new tier and price leaks about the rumoured ‘Neo.’

The Xbox vs PlayStation debate has been raging for ages, with PlayStation dominating most of the last generation. However, things have heated up quite a bit after the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with Xbox making some decisions that took the entire industry by surprise. After the massive acquisition of Bethesda, we witnessed Xbox acquiring Activision as well. Soon after that, Sony announced that it has acquired Bungie, which was again something nobody expected.

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While Xbox has been working on multiple IPs, one of the most successful aspects of the ecosystem has been the Game Pass. It has revolutionized the gaming industry and has been the USP for Xbox. With the popularity Xbox Game Pass was getting, Sony had to come up with a response. And as per rumours, they are working on a similar concept, codenamed Project Spartacus.

PlayStation Plus Neo (Spartacus) Price & Tier Leak Explained

While it has been rumoured for a long time, a couple of days ago Bloomberg published a report stating that Sony is gearing up to launch the Spartacus next week. Since then, a number of speculations have started making rounds about what the system would look like. Recently, a new leak surfaced (via u/MXHombre123), stating that Project Spartacus will be called PlayStation Neo. According to it, the highest tier will cost around $20 per month. You can check out the complete leak below.

Many have started believing the leak, as it looks quite thorough. However, it seems like it isn’t legit by far. The leak was broken down by Hunter, and there are a number of things that are quite questionable. Firstly, the overall UI looks unprofessional, and not something close to PlayStation’s standards. If you visit the PlayStation website, you will see how well-designed it is. On top of that, if you pay closer attention to the PlayStation Plus Silver tier, you will see that there is a discrepancy in the price.

While this leak might not be true, there is a very strong possibility that we could still get PlayStation Spartacus or Neo this week. Moreover, GamesBeat had given us a brief overview of the various tiers, which you can find below (thanks Dotesports!)

  • PS+ Essentials ($10 per month)
    • PlayStation Plus
  • PS+ Extra ($13 per month)
    • PlayStation Plus
    • PlayStation 4 library
    • PlayStation 5 library
  • PS+ Premium ($16 per month)
    • PlayStation Plus
    • PlayStation 4 library
    • PlayStation 5 library
    • Extended demos
    • Backward compatible library
    • Game streaming
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